All about the Ohio opossum tail and what it is used for?

Cleveland opossum is the only mammal with the pouch that is found in Northern and Central America. That’s why opossum is called marsupial. Opossum’s pouch is pretty much similar like Kangaroo’s pouch. Opossum’s features make it different from other animals. This small creature is quite famous for playing as dead. It can also survive in any kind of environment and can eat different kinds of foods.

Opossums are also really famous for their tail. Unlike other such animals, they can easily get onto trees and not only this they can hang upside down on the trees with the help of their tail. That’s why many people sometimes consider them as rodents. They prefer to take over other’s homes than to make their own. It does not matter to them that whether they live on ground or on trees; the only thing matters is the nest. If they found nest on ground then they start living in there and if the same is found on trees then they start living there. It is also said that they can carry grass or bushes to the net with the help of their tail but there is no exact evidence in this support.

When they live on trees or when they get on trees in search of food, then tail acts as a stabilizer part of their body. Their tail helps them to make a balance while they are moving up and down on the trees. Opossum’s tail is long, thin and flexible. Even when on ground, they use their tail for balancing.

Cleveland opossum is also very famous for another thing. People believe that they can hang upside down but the reality is that their body is heavy and thus tail cannot take the weight of their body. This can be true in case of baby opossums when the body weight is not too much but in case of adult opossums this is not at all true. If an adult opossum would try to do that then it will put a great effect on the tail and it might happen that the tail will get off from the body which will thus hurt the opossum. Baby opossums also don’t hang upside down without any purpose. Being small, the baby opossums are not so good in making the balance on the trees. That’s why sometimes they sometimes lose and then opossums take help of their tail to balance them or to save themselves from feeling down from the tree. Therefore, they upside down from there but that is also possible for just around 20 seconds.

Thus, opossum can make use of their tail for many different purposes such as balancing, running, and climbing on trees or to gather things. Even though opossums are considered as sluggish but still they are quite efficient and use their tail skillfully to perform numerous things. Their late is like a fifth limb for them which is a great natural quality in them.

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